Nail Jelly Sticker

Product information
Size: 63 x 52 mm
Material: Resin
Item# U1
Designs available: 24 styles
Packing information
450 x 350 x 210 mm

***Ingredient used meets the requirement of EU cosmetic regulation.

U1-1U1-1 U1-2U1-2 U1-3U1-3 U1-4U1-4
U1-5U1-5 U1-6U1-6 U1-7U1-7 U1-8U1-8
U1-9U1-9 U1-10U1-10 U1-11U1-11 U1-12U1-12
U1-13U1-13 U1-14U1-14 U1-15U1-15 U1-16U1-16
U1-17U1-17 U1-18U1-18 U1-19U1-19 U1-20U1-20
U1-21U1-21 U1-22U1-22 U1-23U1-23 U1-24U1-24

U1 Actual samples