Metallic Body Tattoo

Product information
Size: 155 x 210 mm
Material: Paper
Item# N3
Designs available: 32 styles
Packing information
340 x 275 x 320 mm     

***Available in GOLD and SILVER colors.

***Ingredient used meets the requirement of EU cosmetic regulation.

N3-1N3-1 N3-2N3-2 N3-3N3-3 N3-4N3-4
N3-5N3-5 N3-6N3-6 N3-7N3-7 N3-8N3-8
N3-9 N3-9 N3-10 N3-10 N3-11 N3-11 N3-12 N3-12
N3-13 N3-13 N3-14N3-14 N3-15N3-15 N3-16N3-16
N3-17N3-17 N3-18N3-18 N3-19N3-19 N3-20N3-20
N3-21N3-21 N3-22N3-22 N3-23N3-23 N3-24N3-24
N3-25N3-25 N3-26N3-26 N3-27N3-27 N3-28N3-28
N3-29N3-29 N3-30N3-30 N3-31N3-31 N3-32N3-32


Temporary Body Tattoo


  1. Carefully cut out the pattern you wish to apply on your skin. Remove the protective cover sheet of it.
  2. Press firmly on skin, sticky side onto skin.
  3. Wet back thoroughly with sponge or cloth.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds then carefully peel off backing sheet.
  5. Air dry.

Remove with baby oil.

WARNING! Do not apply on sensitive skin.