LED Flashing Mask

Product information
Size: 235 x 175 mm
Material: PET + 6 LED lights
Item# B4
Designs available: 8 styles
Packing information
540 x 540 x 400 mm      

***Each mask contains 6 flashing LED lights.

***Battery included.

B4-1-1B4-1-1 B4-1-2B4-1-2
B4-1-3B4-1-3 B4-1-4B4-1-4
B4-2-1B4-2-1 B4-2-2B4-2-2
B4-2-3B4-2-3 B4-2-4B4-2-4
 B4 Back side of mask
B4 Back side of mask
B4 Mask Switch buttonB4 Mask Switch button