Glitter and Diamond Sticker

Product information
Size: 5 x 5 cm approx.
Material: PET + PE with glitter and gems
Item# T1
Designs available: 40 styles
Packing information
37.5 x 25 x 43 cm

***Can be used on your skin!!

T1-1T1-1 T1-2T1-2 T1-3T1-3 T1-4T1-4
T1-5T1-5 T1-6T1-6 T1-7T1-7 T1-8T1-8
T1-9T1-9 T1-10T1-10 T1-11T1-11 T1-12T1-12
T1-13T1-13 T1-14T1-14 T1-15T1-15 T1-16T1-16
T1-17T1-17 T1-18T1-18 T1-19T1-19 T1-20T1-20
T1-21T1-21 T1-22T1-22 T1-23T1-23 T1-24T1-24
T1-25T1-25 T1-26T1-26 T1-27T1-27 T1-28T1-28
T1-29T1-29 T1-30T1-30 T1-31T1-31 T1-32T1-32
T1-33T1-33 T1-34T1-34 T1-35T1-35 T1-36T1-36
T1-37T1-37 T1-38T1-38 T1-39T1-39 T1-40T1-40